The Concept

The SushiCorner is an innovative concept of convenience sushi with all the quality of SushiCafé through a thorough selection of the raw material and confection upon the moment.

The Menu is the final result of a commitment to innovation such as the Crispy Salmon Temaki, a Salmon cone with Japanese mayonnaise and crispy sweet potato and the Strawberry Maki made of 4 sushi rolls with Salmon, Strawberry and Philadelphia cheese.  Created by the acclaimed Chef of Sushicafé Avenida Daniel Rente, the menu is diversified and the goal is to please every sushi lover, granting the maximum quality of the ingredients and preparation made on the moment.

SushiCorner stands out also for the bold design of the restaurants through the subtle of the curves, for the prevalence of the white color and the acylic stone material and the retro light notes. The image of the restaurants leads to a clean and sophisticated concept providing a comfortable and harmonious environment in accordance with the shopping malls in which are located.

Itadakimasu! (Expression meaning gratitude mentioned before meals)